DIY: Crowns // Feather Headdress

We love crowns. We make them for every occasion and have accumulated quite the collection. Here is our latest creation: 

To make these lovely crowns you will need:


Twine, leather or rope

Hot glue


Wooden beads

Jewelry wire

First, braid your rope to the thickness that suits your style. For mine, I made three individual braids and then braided those braids into one large band. Leave some tails hanging from the sides to decorate with beads and feathers later. 

Next, measure your head, and tie your band with a piece of rope to hold your size. Use hot glue to set. 

Now cut a piece of felt the same width as your band and at a length that will reach temple to temple.  

Choose your feathers and glue them to the felt. Make sure the tips of your feathers do not go below the bottom of the piece of felt. 

After all the feathers are glued, place a fresh line of glue over the top and position on the inside of your band. Let dry. 

Now tie wooden beads to the tails hanging from the side of the crown. Use jewelry wire to attach feathers. 

You can also make a more simplified version like this:


Posted on September 16, 2013 and filed under DIY.