DIY Valentine Arrows

I love these cute little arrows! I like the idea of giving someone a valentine that the can display on their desk, mount on the wall and have as a keepsake instead of a generic paper card that, while cute, has an expiration date. And these make great party decorations too! I made them for a friends party and we scattered them across the table for added cuteness! 

Finished Arrows (1).jpg
Valentines DIY.jpg
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S U P P L I E S  //  1) three feathers 2) twigs 3) gift tags 4) Twine 5) glitter paper 6) scissors 7) Mod Podge 8) hot glue gun with glue sticks 9) gold glitter


M E T H O D  //  1) first cut out two arrow heads as mirror images (they will face back to back) 2) next, cut along the spine of all three of the feathers, removing the plumage from one side. Like so:


Feather Cutting.jpg

3) Now dip the tips of the freshly cut feathers into a pool of modpodge, being sure to coat both sides and scraping off any excess. 4) Sprinkle gold glitter onto the glue - tipped feathers, until all the glue is coated 5) while the glue dries, use the hot glue gun to attach the gold arrowheads to the tip of the twig. Glue the two pieces back-to-back. 6) Then use the glue gun to attach the feathers to the opposite end of the twig. First apply the glue to the twig, then place the bare side of the feather to the glue, pressing gently until the spine lies flush with the twig. 7) Lastly, use the twine to attache a cute little tag to the arrow. 


You're Done! 


Finished Arrows (1).jpg

Posted on January 17, 2014 .