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Cocktails // Blood Orange Mimosa

Athena Ring:  Katie Dean Jewelry

Athena Ring: Katie Dean Jewelry

Everybody loves mimosas. Especially me! So for our Mothers Day styled photo shoot with Zooey Magazine, I wanted to reinvent this classic beverage! 

Blood Oranges are in season from about November to May, so this time of year is perfect to try this sweet beverage!



orange juice

Sparkling Wine


Blood Orange Bitters

Blood Orange Liquor

1 Blood Orange



pour 1oz vodka into a glass with 3oz chilled orange juice into a glass. Fill the rest of the glass with champagne almost to the top. Slowly pour in the blood orange liquor. then top with three dashes of blood orange bitters and garnish with a blood orange wedge.  Yum. 

It kind of looks like a big stick popsicle!

Photos by Andrew Abajian Photography.

Cocktails: Gin and Grapefruit Mixer (AKA the GREY FOX)

Beat the Heat with this zingy gin and grapefruit cocktail. 

Here in California, September means it’s just the beginning of a long, warm fall. So warm, in fact, that it almost feels like a second summer.  On these long, hot, lazy days the best remedy for beating the heat is a refreshing cocktail under a beach umbrella. Or in the air conditioned comfort of your living room. Try this zingy drink at your next barbeque, pool party or festive gathering… or whenever you feel too hot to carry on!

1.5 oz Gin

4oz Grapefruit Juice

1-2 cubes sugar 



Splash of tonic water



muddle sugar and in a low ball glass. Add grapefruit juice and Ice. Stir. Add a splash of tonic water and serve with a straw!