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DIY: Indian Summer Tepee

I have seen so many adorable Tepees on Pinterest and  blogs lately so, when we decided to launch our “Indian Summer” party box, I knew I had to make one.  I found this great tutorial here and found all my supplies in Downtown LA and Home Depot. Altogether, it cost us about $30.00. We started with 7 yards of fabric at about $3.00 a yard, and then bought 6 pieces of framing wood at $1.80 apiece. The tutorial is pretty simple, although, when trying to measure out my triangles, I found it difficult to make the angles straight without a protractor. Also a super long ruler would be immensely helpful.  But even with all the imperfections, the tepee still turned out great. 


We used some pink leather cording to tie the posts together and then hung our “Indian Summer” balloon tassel tail and hand dyed streamers from the top to make it more festive and colorful! You can purchase them in our Large and Medium boxes found here

So cute! Everyone loved hanging out in it and taking pictures. Adorable! 

tepee 1

Real Parties: BAMBINO! Baby Shower

its a boy chalkboard.jpg

 Our good friend Caitlin had a shower recently and we jumped at the opportunity to make the decorations for her party. We wanted to do something whimsical and cute but also boyish. We used mint, cream, red and tan and went with a “Vintage Muscle Car” theme. 

Big Balloon and Garland.jpg
Outdoor Balloon.jpg

For this party, we included several items from our small, medium and large boxes. We made tassel garlands, giant balloons with tassel tails, pom pom skewers, 3 mini piñatas and custom posters.    

Caitlyn Opening Gifts.jpg
mason jars.jpg
ciao bella.jpg

We love the versatility of these pom pom skewers! Here, we displayed them in a vase, but they can be used as cupcake toppers, cake toppers, drink stirrers and more!


The décor was a huge hit and the mom to be couldn't be happier!


Jess and Caitlyn.jpg
Caitlyn and Garland.jpg
Posted on September 11, 2013 and filed under Real Parties.