we just love parties.

It's really as simple as that. When I was kid, I'd spend all year thinking and planning my birthday party. The colors. The theme. The cake. The party favors. I met Jessica in 2007, and we threw our first party together: Thanksmas. It's been an on-going tradition ever since; we spend months planning and designing unique decorations. Our friends all gather together on one day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we all share our families favorite dish, we play silly dancing games, and we party all night. But one event a year wasn't enough for me and Jess; beyond new years parties, birthday parties, engagement parties, and what have you, we started creating up new events, like the "Lemon Party". Our decor got bigger and better every time. Eventually our friends started to say "you know, you could make a business out of this!" We'd laugh and say, "yeah, one day!" Some nights Jessica and I would be sitting on the couch, folding paper and hot gluing our fingers together and we'd think "let's just do it!" But life kept getting in the way (like it does). It wasn't until the summer of 2013 that we decided it was time to share our love of parties with the world! It's been an amazing few months in business and we can't wait to share more of our creations with you. We hope each and every piece of our art helps inspire and create memorable events! 

Thanks again for supporting us!

Lauren and Jess