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C E L E B R A T E // independence

We hope you enjoy your holiday weekend and we hope to see lots of you foxy ladies sporting our Bike Decorating Kits! It's the easiest and cutest way to show your patriotism. And did we mention they make great photo booth props?! 

DIY // Hand Stamped Geometric Table Runner

Lauren and I have been DYING to create hand stamped table cloths, pillows, anything...really! Finally, for our Mother's Day Brunch series, we got to make this super cute metallic stamped table runner. This is a very simple DIY that will add a bit of modern flair to your spring or summer table. We kept it simple using only triangles and gold paint, but there's really no limit to what you can do. My favorite part of this is that it doesn't have to be perfect to look good! =) 


100% cotton table cloth or runner

Jaquard Lumiere Acrylic Paint in True Gold

Geometric Stamp (triangles, diamonds, etc.)

Mini ink/paint roller



Starting with a clean, ironed table linen, use the ink roller to apply a thin, even, fairly thin layer of paint onto the stamp. Be careful to not use too much paint to avoid it dripping or spreading! Press inked stamp firmly onto the fabric. For this look, we started with our larger stamp and spaced them evenly from each other along the runner - then took our smaller stamp to create scattered groupings throughout. (I think the more imperfect, the better for this craft.) We found our triangle stamps at Michael's, but you can also create your own shapes by carving into a potato, erasers, cork, just about anything!




DIY: Mason Jar Hot Cocoa

We wanted to kick off this adventurous blog series with a fun and easy DIY. So, the first part, of this 2 part DIY, is the Mason Jar Hot Cocoa. These make great Christmas gifts, party favors or can be made for a crowd at a camping trip or cabin vacation!

cocoa outside 1.jpg

We love how they can be made ahead of time and stored - the Holidays can get so hectic! Bring them as a hostess gift or spike them with Baileys or Kaluah for a kick!

hot cocoa ingredients.jpg

2 cups powdered sugar

1 cup cocoa

2 cups powdered milk (to make this completely non-dairy, omit powdered milk and add another cup of the non-dairy creamer.)

1/2 cup non-dairy creamer

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons cornstarch

1 /8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Mini marshmallows

Chocolate chips

Mix all the ingredients (except the marshmallows and chocolate chips) in a large bowl. Spoon two tablespoons into an 8 oz mason jar and top with a handful of chocolate chips and marshmallows. Add hot water or milk (we like almond or soy). Shake your jar, remove the lid and enjoy!

Stay tuned later this week for part two of this fabulous DIY - the Mason Jar Cocoa Sleeve!

lauren hot cocoa.jpg

Coming Soon: THE CABIN

Coming soon! A new blog series featuring "THE CABIN"! We'll be sharing some DIY projects, giving away a holiday tassel garland and more!  Can't wait to share it all with you. 


<3 lauren + jess

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