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DIY // Hand Stamped Geometric Table Runner

Lauren and I have been DYING to create hand stamped table cloths, pillows, anything...really! Finally, for our Mother's Day Brunch series, we got to make this super cute metallic stamped table runner. This is a very simple DIY that will add a bit of modern flair to your spring or summer table. We kept it simple using only triangles and gold paint, but there's really no limit to what you can do. My favorite part of this is that it doesn't have to be perfect to look good! =) 


100% cotton table cloth or runner

Jaquard Lumiere Acrylic Paint in True Gold

Geometric Stamp (triangles, diamonds, etc.)

Mini ink/paint roller



Starting with a clean, ironed table linen, use the ink roller to apply a thin, even, fairly thin layer of paint onto the stamp. Be careful to not use too much paint to avoid it dripping or spreading! Press inked stamp firmly onto the fabric. For this look, we started with our larger stamp and spaced them evenly from each other along the runner - then took our smaller stamp to create scattered groupings throughout. (I think the more imperfect, the better for this craft.) We found our triangle stamps at Michael's, but you can also create your own shapes by carving into a potato, erasers, cork, just about anything!




Paper Fox LA is going to be at the Storefront Launch Party in DTLA!

We're so excited to be a part of the Storefront LA Marketplace Launch! It's going to be a super fun event at the Unique Space, located in the Arts District in DTLA. We'll be doing a paper flower crown DIY and showing off some of our new products! And guess what?! You're invited!

We'll be joined by 13 other "makers" - all local designers - so come shop, eat yummy food and design your own beautiful flower crown. This event is FREE but you must RSVP! See below for details! Fore more information about Storefront and the event, visit or check out their blog post here: 

April 30th, 2014 | 7:00pm-11:00pm

The Unique Space: 1275 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021




Hope to see you there! 

DIY: Plaid Mason Jar Cozies

plaid cozy.jpg

Mason jars are the perfect vessel for serving up all kinds of homemade goodness, however, they are not well suited for serving boiling hot liquids such as coffee and hot cocoa. Unless maybe you are wearing gloves. We solved that minor issue with this inexpensive craft – The Mason Jar Cocoa Sleeve

sleeves materials.jpg

What you need:


Printed fabric of your choice (we like the rustic plaid!)

Pinking sheers


Sewing machine


Mason Jar

Measuring tape 


First: Measure your mason jar - we used the 8oz size. You want to add a few inches to the length so you have enough let to sew the ends together. I cut the felt using pinking sheers to give it a more finished look. Next, measure your fabric to be a few centimeters smaller than the felt on all sides.

sleeve on mason jar.jpg

Now center your fabric on the piece of felt and then sew in place. 

sewing sleeves.jpg

Next, sew the two ends together so that the Mason jar will fit snugly inside. The felt will stretch a little so don’t be afraid to sew a few centimeters smaller than the jar. You certainly don’t want the sleeve slipping off the jar and getting scalding hot liquid all over your friends! I ended up sewing a line and then testing the snugness, then sewing a second line until it fit properly.  Now, I am not the greatest sewer, so you will notice a lot of imperfections in the final product. However, when it's all said and done, they still look pretty freaking adorable.

cocoa sleeves 2.jpg
cocoa sleeves.jpg

You're done! Now go fill up the jars with delicious homemade hot cocoa mix

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DIY: Mason Jar Hot Cocoa

We wanted to kick off this adventurous blog series with a fun and easy DIY. So, the first part, of this 2 part DIY, is the Mason Jar Hot Cocoa. These make great Christmas gifts, party favors or can be made for a crowd at a camping trip or cabin vacation!

cocoa outside 1.jpg

We love how they can be made ahead of time and stored - the Holidays can get so hectic! Bring them as a hostess gift or spike them with Baileys or Kaluah for a kick!

hot cocoa ingredients.jpg

2 cups powdered sugar

1 cup cocoa

2 cups powdered milk (to make this completely non-dairy, omit powdered milk and add another cup of the non-dairy creamer.)

1/2 cup non-dairy creamer

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons cornstarch

1 /8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Mini marshmallows

Chocolate chips

Mix all the ingredients (except the marshmallows and chocolate chips) in a large bowl. Spoon two tablespoons into an 8 oz mason jar and top with a handful of chocolate chips and marshmallows. Add hot water or milk (we like almond or soy). Shake your jar, remove the lid and enjoy!

Stay tuned later this week for part two of this fabulous DIY - the Mason Jar Cocoa Sleeve!

lauren hot cocoa.jpg

Holiday DIY Party with Katie Dean Jewelry + Junim LA // Free Download


We are so excited to share our holiday DIY day with you! We compiled a few easy ways to spice up your holiday season using our favorite material: PAPER! But first, check out this adorable video created by  625 Productions! And head over to Katie Dean Jewelry  and JUNIM Los Angeles to grab the amazing clothes and jewelry featured in this video. 


We are in love with these adorable origami ornaments and are pleased to have them available for download on our site! Just cut and fold on the dotted line. Use a paint brush and some white glue to seal them up.


Katie Dean with her gold striped ornament!

Katie Dean with her gold striped ornament!

This was such a fun event! We can't wait for the next one.  




Jess and Lauren

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DIY: Crowns // Feather Headdress

We love crowns. We make them for every occasion and have accumulated quite the collection. Here is our latest creation: 

To make these lovely crowns you will need:


Twine, leather or rope

Hot glue


Wooden beads

Jewelry wire

First, braid your rope to the thickness that suits your style. For mine, I made three individual braids and then braided those braids into one large band. Leave some tails hanging from the sides to decorate with beads and feathers later. 

Next, measure your head, and tie your band with a piece of rope to hold your size. Use hot glue to set. 

Now cut a piece of felt the same width as your band and at a length that will reach temple to temple.  

Choose your feathers and glue them to the felt. Make sure the tips of your feathers do not go below the bottom of the piece of felt. 

After all the feathers are glued, place a fresh line of glue over the top and position on the inside of your band. Let dry. 

Now tie wooden beads to the tails hanging from the side of the crown. Use jewelry wire to attach feathers. 

You can also make a more simplified version like this:


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DIY: Indian Summer Tepee

I have seen so many adorable Tepees on Pinterest and  blogs lately so, when we decided to launch our “Indian Summer” party box, I knew I had to make one.  I found this great tutorial here and found all my supplies in Downtown LA and Home Depot. Altogether, it cost us about $30.00. We started with 7 yards of fabric at about $3.00 a yard, and then bought 6 pieces of framing wood at $1.80 apiece. The tutorial is pretty simple, although, when trying to measure out my triangles, I found it difficult to make the angles straight without a protractor. Also a super long ruler would be immensely helpful.  But even with all the imperfections, the tepee still turned out great. 


We used some pink leather cording to tie the posts together and then hung our “Indian Summer” balloon tassel tail and hand dyed streamers from the top to make it more festive and colorful! You can purchase them in our Large and Medium boxes found here

So cute! Everyone loved hanging out in it and taking pictures. Adorable! 

tepee 1